Security Masterclass

Advance your expertise and stay ahead of emerging threats by joining our intensive 5-day Masterclass beginning February 12, 2024.

The experience will cover current threats from contemporary terrorist organisations; the ever-developing cyber threat; risk management and mitigation strategies designed to counter the said threats, and the importance of training and education.



Course aims

Over the 10 hours of programming, you’ll gain invaluable insights from our panel of veteran Subject Matter Experts with decades of combined field experience. There will be dedicated time for interactive discussions, allowing you to ask pressing questions and engage in nuanced conversations about real-world security challenges.

Leave the Masterclass with a deeper understanding of rapidly developing threats and arm yourself with the latest techniques to secure your organisation or institution in the face of rising 21st-century threats. Connect with specialists and build your professional network.

Seats are limited – reserve your spot today for a focused, intensive learning experience.


  1. Terrorism and Counter Terrorism.
  2. The Cyber Threat.
  3. Security Risk Management.
  4. Integrated Technology to Mitigate Crime.
  5. Technology and Education.


Next Batch

12th to 16th Februrary 2024