Rapid deployment fuel cells


ptimal Risk have conducted trials in partnership with a local manufacturer of rapid deployment Hydrogen fuel cell power systems which use revolutionary printed circuit board technology to create a small portable unit. We successfully deployed a 15 watt fuel cell buried in the ground in a rural location powering two covert cameras and a 4G modem to capture criminal activity for a local government organisation.

Just 3 kgs of Hydrogen gave 30 days of continuous use. We created a small chamber around the fuel cell to allow an air gap and to allow the by-product, water, to drain away.

This proof of concept trial has shown that rapid deployment Hydrogen fuel cell power systems have a real world application in the deployment of covert and overt technical equipment in the support of police, military and local government. 

Fuel cell innovations

Hydrogen is much safer than Ethanol fuel cells, better for the environment, easier to source (Ethanol is difficult to source, BOC will deliver Hydrogen anywhere in the UK) and the cells themselves are much cheaper. Also, according to current performance figures, it would take 28 kgs of Ethanol to power a similar set up to the above for 26 days meaning that Hydrogen is 9 times more efficient.

The fuel cell is available in 15, 30, 45 & 60 watt versions using the same size housings, it can be used safely in vehicles, in property or for rural applications. Please email training@optimalrisk.com for details on these fuel cells.