Foot Surveillance Course

Led by Ex-Police Surveillance Instructors and seasoned specialists with extensive real-world experience, Optimal Risk Training’s Foot Surveillance Course is designed to sharpen your observational abilities, enhance situational awareness, and boost physical agility. With cutting-edge methodologies and facilities, we ensure hands-on training in utilising advanced surveillance tools and techniques.

Course aims

The Optimal Risk Training Foot Surveillance Course program is delivered by Ex-Police Surveillance Instructors with over 30 years of combined experience designed to equip individuals with the invaluable skill of covert observation and tracking.  Whether you’re entering the fields of law enforcement, private investigation, or security operations, our program equips you to navigate complex environments discreetly and execute successful surveillance operations.

What sets Optimal Risk Training apart is our unparalleled experience in the field. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals who have operated in high-stakes environments, working with law enforcement, intelligence organisations, and private sector clients. This extensive background provides us with deep insights into successful surveillance operations, enabling us to offer practical guidance and relevant training that goes beyond the theoretical.

Students will get the chance to engage in a dynamic mix of classroom instruction, practical exercises, and simulated scenarios, gaining hands-on experience using advanced surveillance tools and techniques. From blending into crowds to navigating challenging urban environments, our program covers a diverse range of scenarios, preparing students for real-world challenges.

Beyond the classroom, Optimal Risk Training values lifelong learning and offers ongoing support to our graduates. Our alumni network provides a valuable platform for continuous growth, collaboration, and career development.


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