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Optimising learning opportunities for all security professionals takes thought and innovative approaches. Our training has been formulated in layers starting with an hour of understanding and progressing to a number of qualifications that cater for all levels of experience. Time and financial commitments often preclude professional development so each layer commences from zero cost at times that reflect a busy working environment. Both online and in class deliveries ensure that everyone is able to commit to personal and professional growth. Some courses are open to all, but many require higher levels of vetting. Take a look at what is available and if you wish to explore your personal or team’s professional learning, drop us a line in the section below.


5 Days | £995.00 (Virtual) & £1,100.00 (Classroom) | Click for Details

5 Days | £ 2,250.00 (Excluding accommodation) | Click for Details

3 Days | £1250 + VAT | Includes the vehicles, two nights accommodation and lunch | Click for Details

Reach out for cost | Click for Details

4 Days | £1750.00 (Excluding accommodation) | Click for Details

3 Days | £1,500.00 (Excluding accommodation) | Click for Details

32 Hours – 1 hour every week for 8 months | £40 per month | Click for Details


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