Counter-Terrorism Strategy

This course is aimed at anyone with the ability to take mitigating measures against terrorist attacks.  The UK Government’s counter-terrorism strategy provides a framework through which the course will address the responsibilities held by Publicly Accessible Locations, the emergency services, and the wider security industry.

Course aims

Beginning by developing a rounded understanding of the definitions, motivations and ideologies of terrorism, this course will go on to provide participants with a practicable understanding of the range of mitigation and preparation measures that ought to be considered across sectors. 

The course will deliver the following modules:

  • Defining terrorism 
  • Terrorists’ motivations 
  • Terrorist ideologies 
  • CONTEST: The UK’s counter-terrorism strategy 
  • Using intelligence to disrupt plots 
  • Using physical security measures to disrupt, deter and displace attacks 
  • The Protect Duty (Martyn’s Law) 
  • The Prevent Duty 
  • Preparedness to respond during and in the immediate aftermath of an attack 
  • Training in counter-terrorism 
  • Learning lessons from successes and failures 

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