An Hour's Understanding

The Optimal Risk Training An Hour’s Understanding is a suite of one-hour workshops based on an hours presentation and discussions of unique topics. The modules can either be delivered as stand-alone presentations, or they can be taught as whole modules; the choice is entirely yours.

Course aims

The aim of An Hour’s Understanding is to arm delegates with a unique range of skills that can be approached as and when appropriate to their timetable. The course will also offer learners the opportunity to study either a single sub-module or a complete module at their discretion.

The presentation/discussions will be delivered online, but there is the capacity to deliver in a training room environment.

Module 1:  Risk Management.

  • Risk and the risk assessment.
  • Risk communications
  • Security Surveying.
  • Security Auditing.

Module 2:  Security Management.

  • Security Management.
  • What is Critical National Infrastructure, and how is it protected.
  • Smart cities and the Internet of Everything.
  • Security resilience-What does that mean.

Module 3:  Cyber Security.

  • The cyber threat.
  • Cyber-mitigation strategies.
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Cyber terrorism-Does it exist.

Module 4:  Crisis Management.

  • The Basics of Crisis Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Management

Module 5:  Academic discussions.

  • Are academic qualifications required for security professionals.
  • Academic research and writing.
  • Critical analysis skills.

Module 6:  Criminology.

  • Crime causation and crime displacement.
  • Situational Crime Prevention (SCP).
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
  • Routine Activity and Rational Choice.

Module 7:  Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

  • A history of terrorism.
  • Current terrorist threats.
  • Counter terrorism strategies.
  • Security of Publicly Accessible Places (PAL).

Module 8:  Business Awareness.

  • The Basics of Marketing Strategy
  • Creating a Business Growth Plan & Why is it Important?
  • Building your Team for Growth
  • Considerations for your consultancy

£40.00 + VAT per module.